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  • TDK ST700 Review

    The TDK ST700 headphones are one of multiple models in TDKs premium performance audio range “Life on Record”. The range is basically the reboot of TDK’s audio division, which has previously not had a great reputation, and has not been a particularly big player in the space due to cheap designs, bad build quality and poor performance of it’s products. TDK has, however always had a competitive price advantage over the competition for similar competing products and this new Life on Record range is no different. But this time TDK are taking audio seriously - and they’ve brought some really stellar design, powerful professional audio performance, AND the competitive pricing strategy tot he table.

    The ST700s, from a pure audio standpoint, is a remarkable product. The highs are crisp - tracks like Robyn’s ‘Dancing On My Own’ shimmer and sparkle with utter perfection, not too sharp and definitely not tinny - something very accurate and pleasant. It really sounds great with most genres but in particular modern electronic music and 80’s synth pop…it’s just packs a punch - you really feel the snares and that’s nice. This is complimented with extremely accurate mid range which is definitely not overpowering, and definitely not weak - if slightly understated…it’s how I like my mid-range and it does not assault your ear-drums like some can.

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    CAPITAL - The New Headphones from AiAiAi

    AiAiAi have announced their newest member - the Capital. Designed to suit the lives of urban city-dwellers the headphones come with the guarantee of extreme strength, durability and wonderful sound. Designed for a harsh, urban environment the headphones will hopefully, then, live up to the extreme ruggedness of the TMA-1s - which frankly cannot be broken by ordinary means. They look quite dramatic compared to the TMA-1s - with their more exaggerated features - however they still have the clean minimalistic lines that AiAiAi and designers KiBiSi present through the entire range.

    If the large size or bulkiness has stopped you from picking up the TMA-1s or other non-folding designs then the new folding design on the Capital look to resolve this issue. So it’s a thumbs up in that area at least, not that we personally had any issues with bulkiness.

    " With Capital we’ve aimed to create an iconic pair of headphones designed for urban use. All components of the headphones play an integrated and cohesive role; the adjustment system used for capital is reminiscent of snowboard bindings, in tune with the generally sturdy and eclectic solutions implemented. This is part of what creates the unique character of the headphones." - KiBiSi, on the design of the Capital.

    The headphones will apparently come in a range of different colours to suit you and your city. No word on availability, yet, but I would put my bets on the price fitting somewhere between the Tracks and TMA-1.


    Back Soon!

    Sorry about the wait. Foniq will be back in action and blogging again soon…hopefully. Holidays are sometimes important. Our 2nd review, of the TDK ST700 On-ear headphones will be up soon. Happy listening until then! Cheers.

    You Think You’re a Star Wars fan? Think again.

    You probably don’t have these…but Coloud by Zound Industries have you covered. Themed headphones for a new generation. I’ll say. This has epic mega success written all over it. Betty Boop? X-men? Hello Kitty? They’re on it like a f… These guys make some nice cheap headphones that might bring some colour into your world and if you’re a true superfan then you can’t miss out on these.

    Check out their range here.


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    TDK - Life on Record. Look out for reviews and hands-on with some TDK stuff in the future. ;)

    I wish my workplace looked and behaved like this

    Ever wondered what working at AIAIAI is like? Or any headphone co? This video is a rare glimpse. lol. Cool video.

    Markus Kaiser x Adidas


    Marshall Major - now in white

    Marshall’s excellent “Major” line of headphones now come in White. These have to be some of the best looking headphones I’ve ever seen and I’d be happy to have some, please Marshall **winkwinknudgenudge** The classic black is still my favourite, but these are NICE. These headphones are best known for super good comfort - all day usage shouldn’t be a problem then. They also fold for portability which is always nice (and rare). They retail for about US $120 which isn’t too bad.

    Check them out here.


    These Noisezero O+ Eco Edition headphones are a collaboration between EOps, British designer Michael Young and are made from recycled stainless steel, aluminum, and cornstarch “bio-plastic” - whatever that is.

    Apparently they’re completely environmentally friendly. They look really cool, and they look to produce some killer audio - but the proofs in the pudding, of course. They should, according to the press release, produce super strong bass with low distortion - whilst keeping the integrity of your music’s treble. They sport 50mm titanium drivers and whilst they’re said to be super bass-y and have a nice clear treble they should also achieve “natural” mid tones due to the bio-plastic construction - what this means is anyone’s guess but I’m hoping there’s not too much colouration - often the case with super bass headphones like Beats. The ear pads are genuine sheep leather so they should block out your noisy next door neighbour or your vacuuming mother with ease, whilst staying strong and sexy virtually forever.

    Visit the official website and watch the video above if you’re interested. I am.

    Bored :) Not much is happening in the world of headphones…

    Bored :) Not much is happening in the world of headphones…

    Teenage Engineering

    Not much in the way of headphone news this week. There was a great sale on WESC cans ($5!) but not much else. The picture you see above is of the Teenage Engineering x AiAiAi PX-0 Headphones and the OP-1 Synthesizer - “The Portable Wonder from Teenage Engineering.” It’s really fucking cool - that’s all I can say.

    Teenage Engineering is a Swedish audio house with only a handful of great, beautifully designed products. The OP-1 is their flagship portable synthesizer, obviously, and there’s a really nice matching set of headphones by AiAiAi. They’re gorgeous in a playful, child-like kind of way and I really admire them and can see myself using these.

    These are on the pricey side but they are available on Amazon and the Teenage Engineering Online Store itself. Their site is really quite a site - pardon the pun. It’s also very sexy - exudes ‘cool as ice’.

    Check em out.

    Nokia ‘Purity’

    During the week Nokia held it’s annual press event “Nokia World” and announced some sexy new phones running Windows Phone 7. Along side the new unibody Lumia 800 (above) Nokia have announced a new partnership and product line in conjunction with Monster. 'Nokia Purity by Monster' is the name of the new range.

    From early reports - I’m hearing that the Purity headphones sound a hell of a lot better than the Beats range and present the listener with crisp trebles and soft bass. ‘Beats by Dre’ are usually a muffled over bass-y mess so this is good news. The design of the headphones is quite minimal and obviously enforced by Nokia to match the beautiful new N9 Meego phone and Lumia 800 Windows phone.

    The headphones come in Black, White, Cyan and Magenta (the Lumia 800 is available in Black, Cyan and Magenta).

    Read more here. Check out PC Mags impressions here.


    JAYS is one awesome audio brand you’ve probably never heard of. They make really stylish headphones with very different shapes and lines to most. I’ve only ever heard good things about their range. I’ve yet to try a pair - but just look at them! They sell worldwide and are available in stores if you look hard enough.

    JAYS pitch themselves as an extreme performance brand with functional style. Surely they’d sound great. They also make a range of headsets for your phone - they even  have a range with Android/Windows Phone compatibility so you can get your non-conformism on. Check out the JAYS lineup here.